The Creation of Glaurung

by Menelvagor-(Valar)
October 17, 2002 

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It was after the third battle of Beleriand, the Dagor Aglareb (Glorious Battle), that Morgoth withdrew his armies from the north, seeing that the orcs alone were no match to the Noldor, in whose eyes the two Trees still shone brightly. And so it became that Beleriand had yet another peace for many a year to come.

But as the three peaks of Thangorodrim rose silently  into the air, so were the pits of Angband filled with the clamour of new weapons being forged and shields being repaired. But in the deepest pit, where the throne of Morgoth stood, all was silent, for Morgoth sat deep in thought, brooding on a dark and hideous plan, and none there dared disturb him.

While Morgoth pondered his possibilities, he remembered the smithies of Aulë and the yards of Yavanna, and he craved them, for wasn't he, Melkor, the mightiest among the Ainur meant to rule Arda? The entire chamber rumbled from the roar Morgoth let loose of his anger, but still his mind focused on Aulë and Yavanna, there was something about them, something that drew his attention. Suddenly he realized what it was he sought for. He wanted to create a beast which could withstand the greatest fires, which armour could withstand many blows, as Aulë could his. He wanted to create a creature as the Tree-Guardians of Yavanna, but stronger, filled with more evil, yet still bound to his will, as he still flinched upon the memory of Ungoliant, of whom he made the mistake to not bind her.

Now Morgoth decided to use a serpent as a model for this great and fearsome creature, for the serpent was ugly and bit at whoever came near it, thus displaying its ferocious malice, exactly as Morgoth wanted for his newest creation. Then, after many years of hard labour by his minions and slaves, Morgoth, finally pleased with what was done, poured forth his power and malice into the creature and bound it to his will.

Thus was Glaurung the Golden, Father of Dragons created and, in years to come, this fearsome beast would come forth and bring terror to Beleriand.