Dain’s Last Stand at The Lonely Mountain

by Maglor-(V)
Oct. 9, 2000

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    The dwarven army fought the enemy to the south in Dale.  The sheer number of orcs, goblins and wolves was overwhelming the dwarves of The Lonely Mountain and Dain stood alone, guarding the entrance of his home.
     The Dwarven King stood defensively, his feet spread apart, and he held his great axe in both hands.  His entire bodyguard lay dead around him.  He was more than a match for the goblins trying to get into Erebor, and most of the orcs were easily hacked down, but they kept coming.  The orcs and goblins fell one by one, until there was only one left.  The hulking orc warlord approached Dain, drawing his curved blade.
     “Now you die!” he said in the common tongue and he charged forward, slashing at the dwarf with erratically flying swipes.  Dain was too slow and the sword came down on his left shoulder, only to glance off of Dain’s kingly mithril armor.
     The orc was not discouraged and lashed out with his sword, only to be met with Dain’s axe.  The battle went on like this for some time and seemed to be a stalemate until the huge orc caught Dain’s left arm and twisted it until it snapped.  The king screamed out in pain but with his unbroken arm managed to swing his axe into the chest of the orc.  The blunt end connected and shattered the orc’s ribs.  The orc continued to fight and thrust his sword at Dain’s waist, sliding it easily between two pieces of his armor and into Dain’s flesh.
     Still the combatants battled on.  Blow after blow was traded between the battle weary enemies.  Finally, with his last ounce of strength, Dain swung his axe and beheaded the orc warlord.  Then he fell to the ground and died, happy knowing that he had successfully defended his home.

"Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end."
 --Legolas -
The Lord of the Rings