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Little Jewel, who hails from Ireland, became a Tolkien member with the short story, "Fire", September 14, 2016.

Bonds of Friendship
    Set early on in the Fourth Age.
    "While walking with Aragorn through the forest of Ithilien, Legolas realises that there is something bothering his friend. Can he help Aragorn to understand that somethings cannot be explained and must be felt with the heart? "
    Aragorn, Legolas, Arwen, Eldarion, Gimli, Éowyn, Faramir, Elboron.

    "True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island... to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing. Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."
    To my dear ‘old’ friend: 
If one day you feel like crying,
call me.
I can’t promise to make you laugh,
but I am willing to cry with you.
    Feb. 26, 2017 emailed. Posted Feb. 27, 2017

Letter from Little Jewel-(T)
September 6, 2017

I have always enjoyed reading Lord of the Rings fanfiction, especially on Valar Guild and even more so when I began writing it myself. But recently my life has taken a rather unexpected turn down a path I never imagined it would. It is not a bad path, but it will be a hard, difficult and unforgiving road, one that will not wait, but one that I must take the chance on. I feel that this option is the best for me, but it will require all of my time and attention.

It is with regret that I have made the decision to break away from writing for as long as it takes me to reach my goals and chase down my dreams. Please do not think badly of me. This is not a decision I made lightly. I have thought long and hard about it and have decided that this is the best decision for me, as a person to achieve what I want, get to where I want to go and become the person I want to be. 

My stories will be removed from Valar Guild, but do not be alarmed, I am in no way upset with this site. It is by far the best for the wonderful works by authors who are fans of J.R.R Tolkien. 
Perhaps I will return someday to this world of fanfiction, I pray this is the case. But for now, for me, I need to take a complete break away from my writing. 

Thank you to all. 

Little Jewel.

I have thought it through and I would like all, but the Bonds of Friendship to be taken down if you do not mind. That is the one story that I still love and have not the heart to take it down.

I read Lord of the Rings when I was about thirteen and then the Hobbit. I saw the movies (Peter Jackson) once I had finished the books. By that stage I had developed a very strong love for Tolkien’s works. 

I was fifteen when I first ever thought of writing my own story based in Middle-earth. I hope people will enjoy the stories that my imagination has conjured up.

The main AU is that Gilraen dies early leaving Aragorn depending on Elrond who adopts him, as stated in Tolkien’s works.

There is very little history given about Mirkwood/Greenwood or about Thranduil, his father, Oropher or his family in LotR.  Some of the information that is given occasionally seems to contradict itself. Therefore with great thanks to Siobhan and Cassia, the creators of the wonderful Mellon ChroniclesI have been given permission to use their version of Mirkwood, its ways, customs and politics, as well as some of the characters from the Mellon Chronicles
Please do not flame me for using the Mellon Chronicles characters, I have asked and obtained permission to use them.

Tolkien Language Notes are at the bottom of this page, as some Elvish is used without explanation, as certain words are quite commonly used in these series.

Betaing by Eryniel Alassë

Dates: T.A-
87-Legolas born
130-Elladan and Elrohir born 
2931-Aragorn born, March 1st


Language Notes (Sindarin):

Ada = Dad/Daddy

Adan, Edaín = Man singular (Mankind), Men plural (Mankind) (Silmarillion Index of Names, see Atani)  -Varda

Adar = Father

adûn = west, westward. Used here in the sense of Westerner.

anno = yield

ion-nin = My son

iell nin = my daughter

Lasgalen = another name for Mirkwood

mellon = friend

mellyn = friends

Nana =Mum/Mummy/Mommy

Nanath = Mother

penneth = young one

Ú-vaur gosto. Losto, hên. = There is no need to fear. Sleep, child.

Losto vae, penneth; le mae dirnen hí. = Rest/Sleep well, young one; you are well guarded here.