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by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

Legolas gritted his teeth. The knuckles on the hand clutching his bow turned white as he braced himself against the trunk of the tree because of another strong gust of wind shaking the branches and wreaking havoc to the last remaining leaves.

The storm had been growing steadily worse over the last two days. Sitting up in the tree and perched on a thick branch, Legolas gazed around him. The forest was dark and eerie as the wind howled through the trees, forcing them to sway with the force. The blond elf grimaced as he felt the branch he was crouched on sway alarmingly. The other elves of his patrol were stationed close by in the surrounding trees. Legolas sincerely hoped they all had enough sense to choose sturdy, thick branches that were not liable to break. The sheer force of the wind had already brought down several thinner branches and one small tree so far. The prince knew there would be more damage come morning. His only hope was that the storm would blow itself out before something serious occurred.

Movement on the branch below him caught his eye. Peering into the gloom, Legolas' sharp eyes could just make out the figure of Raniean, one of his close friends and second-in-command.

"The storm is getting worse, my lord," Raniean called over the sound of the wind.

Legolas nodded. "Aye, it is. It is reaching its peak."

A moment later, the tall, blond warrior easily climbed onto the branch where the prince sat, his long, serene face serious. Legolas glared at him, but Raniean chose to ignore his captain and prince. His eyes traveled around the surrounding area, a frown on his fair face. "Trelan is positioned east of here. The others are stationed further north and west. However, with this storm we cannot push on."

Legolas scowled. The patrol had been tracking a pack of Orcs throughout the forest until the storm had struck, forcing the elves to abandon the search and see shelter in the trees.

"We can pick up their trail once the storm dies down." Raniean placed a comforting hand on his prince's shoulder, sensing the disappointment and anger. "Your orders, my lord?"

Legolas sighed. He would never risk the safety and lives of his warriors by doing something as rash as pursuing the Orcs in the wildness of the storm, but he was annoyed at letting the vile creatures slip through his fingers. "We wait. We move on either when the wind reduces its force or at dawn."

Raniean bowed his head. "I will inform the others." A soft thud followed as Raniean leapt from the branch, leaving Legolas alone on his branch with only the wind for company.

As he sat there with his back against the tree and his face grim, he listened to the sound of the wind as it whipped around him. It sounded almost mournful, full of sadness and sorrow as it howled through the forest. Legolas shivered despite being an elf and therefore resistant to the cold. If he listened closely enough, the wind sounded almost like a lost child, wandering aimlessly and crying.

Legolas shook his head, ridding himself of the image. The wind could create strange images in one's mind. But in the end it was just wind, nothing more.