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by Little Jewel-(T)
September 19, 2016. Updated Sept. 27, 2016

Gimli cursed silently to himself as he was jolted yet again in the saddle. The constant bounce of the horse’s gait was not at all pleasant. Why had he ever agreed to this idea of madness? He winced as his backside connected sharply with the edge of the hard leather. Subconsciously, he held on tighter to the blond elf sitting in front of him.

"Why oh why did we use this blasted form of transportation?!" Gimli grumbled to himself. "What was wrong with walking? We all have two fine legs; why not use them? It would be better than this jiggling around!"

Legolas, sensing the dwarf's discomfort, turned his head slightly, catching the sight of the disgruntled expression on his friend's face. "Are you faring well, Gimli?" There was a small hint of mirth in the elf's voice.

Gimli scowled darkly. "I would fare better if I could have the use of my own two legs!"

Legolas chuckled. "If you would only learn how to balance yourself with the horse, the ride would be more pleasant and comfortable for you and you could learn to enjoy it."

Gimli snorted, "Dwarves are not supposed to ride horses! What would my kin say if they laid their eyes on me now?!"

"They would compliment you on your bravery and daring, I am sure." Legolas turned his head back around so Gimli would not see the smirk playing on his lips.

Arod snorted, tossing his head up and down, and Legolas realised that he had been gripping the reins much too harshly in his annoyance with the dwarf. "Forgive me, Arod," he murmured, loosening his hold.

The white horse responded with another toss of his head and a quick sidestep, possibly to avoid the large rock that lay in his path, but also equally as possible to joggle the dwarf that was bouncing uncomfortably on his back, warning him to be careful.

Gimli squealed loudly in horror at the sudden movement, wrapping both his large arms around Legolas' torso in an effort to stay on the horse.

"Gimli!" Legolas said, more than a little annoyed. "Can you please allow me to breathe? You are forcing all the air out of my lungs!"

"I'll remove my arms, elf, when this horse stops prancing around!" Gimli almost roared. He was one very unhappy dwarf.

Legolas didn't bother responding. Instead, he focused on sending a withering glare at Aragorn as the ranger cantered ahead on Hasufel, clearly enjoying the situation the elf found himself in.

Never again! Legolas thought desperately as Gimli's arms continued to squeeze him tightly and Arod picked up his pace to match Hasufel's.

"Never again!" grumbled a very agitated dwarf sitting behind the elf prince. "This method of transportation is not suitable for dwarves!"

Little did Gimli know exactly how much more riding he would endure before the end of the quest was at hand. Maybe it was a good thing he didn't.