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The Lion and the Mouse

by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

“I’m bored.”

Fëawen looked down at the young human child sitting at her feet, staring up at her mournfully. It had been raining rather heavily for the last few days and the little prince had been cooped up inside the palace.

“I know little one,” Fëawen murmured, dropping one hand down to stroke the dark curls. Of course the child would be bored, she thought. For a child with as much energy as Eldarion, it was nearly impossible to keep him entertained all the time.

“Can we not do something? Please?” Dari stood up, clutching the long skirt of her dress.

Fëawen smiled at her nephew fondly. “How about the Lion and the Mouse?” she suggested. It was one of Dari’s favourite games.


Fëawen nodded. “Very well then. You are the brave lion. Who shall be the mouse?”

Dari thought for a moment, his face scrunched up in concentration. “Leg’las!”

Fëawen shook her head. Her brother was the favourite target of Aragorn’s young son whenever they played this game. “Right, Legolas it is,” she said, standing up and taking Dari’s small hand in hers.

With a child's enthusiasm, Dari pulled Fëawen out of the nursery and into the halls of the citadel. The serving staff smiled as they watched Eldarion drag the elf princess along after him.

After searching several rooms and corridors, Fëawen and Dari ended up outside the closed doors of the throne room. A murmur of voices drifted out and Fëawen was able to make out Legolas’ mingled with Faramir’s.

“That’s Ada!” Dari squealed in delight, recognizing the deep, rich voice of Aragorn.

“Shh!” Fëawen whispered. She could tell that the meeting was almost over. “Come, little one.” Lifting Dari into her arms, she hid behind one of the large, hanging tapestries. Sure enough, moments later the doors opened and Legolas strode out.

As quietly as an elf and a small child could, they followed him.

If Legolas knew that he was being followed, he gave no indication.


Legolas walked towards his chambers, his mind on the meeting with Aragorn and Faramir. However, as he turned the corner, he heard a shuffle on the floor and a smothered laugh.

Whipping around, he caught sight of a flash of green and blue. He then realised what was going on. He was being stalked. And he knew by whom. A sly smile spread across his face. Moving on once more, Legolas proceeded to lead his sister and Dari all though the palace.


Fëawen growled in frustration. She knew what Legolas was doing. But Dari was enjoying it so she kept quiet. Turning a corner, Fëawen frowned. There was no sign of Legolas and it was a dead end. Dari was just as puzzled.

<>Suddenly Fëawen shrieked as Legolas grabbed her from behind, pulling her back towards him, his fingers assaulting her sides mercilessly. Dari gallantly attacked the prince’s legs, holding on for dear life. “Let Fe’wen go you big mouse!” he screamed.

Legolas stopped tickling his sister and looked down at the small human. “Mouse?”

Fëawen giggled. Legolas raised his gaze to her, his eyes accusing. “The Lion and the Mouse?”

Fëawen just nodded. “I am afraid so”. Legolas shook his head.