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by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

The serving staff flattened themselves against the walls as the furious elf marched through the palace.

Thranduil stormed down the hallway, his face as black as thunder and his eyes flashing with anger. When he discovered who had entered his private chambers and removed his belongings, there would be trouble. The guilty parties would be feeling very sorry for themselves when he was finished with them.

“Elvéwen!” he bellowed, seeing the slim, lithe figure of his wife further up the corridor.

The queen turned and pinned her husband with a glare for yelling at her. She raised one elegant eyebrow as the Elvenking stormed towards her, his robes billowing out behind him. “Yes, my love?” Her voice was soft but there was an edge to it. “Is there something the matter?”

Thranduil’s ire raised several notches at Elvéwen’s smooth tone of voice. “Yes there is!” The king's tone was sharp and clipped. “Someone entered the private chambers without permission and removed my-”

He was cut off as Elvéwen pressed a slender finger against his lips. “Hush your ranting for a minute, Thranduil.” A smile appeared on her delicate lips. “Look inside.” She gestured at the open door behind her.

Thranduil glared at her but did as she requested. He glanced inside the room. It was his son’s room. His eyebrows shot up at the sight that lay before him.

Inside, prancing around in front of the long mirror wrapped in a long piece of emerald green silk that Thranduil was sure was one of Elvéwen’s cloaks, was Legolas with the Elvenking’s crown of red berries and leaves perched precariously on top of his small, golden head. In his hand, the little elfling held a small wooden sword that he brandished at the mirror with shouts of glee.

“So that’s why the little imp was so quiet this afternoon,” Thranduil murmured crossly. Elvéwen hushed him silently. The Sinda elf frowned at his wife.  “You are encouraging him in this nonsense.”

Elvéwen eyes twinkled merrily. “He won’t be a child forever, Thranduil. Let him enjoy it while he can.”

 “The nerve of that boy! First stealing my crown and then his mother’s cloak! Explains why he wasn’t causing havoc all over the palace,” Thranduil muttered under his breath as he stalked off, leaving Elvéwen behind shaking with silent laughter. “Too busy stealing the crown!”