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by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

“Legolas!” Trelan called over his shoulder in panic into the room behind him.

Legolas burst out of the Healing Halls with worry written all over his face and his bow clutched in his hand. His clothes were filthy and stained and one corner of his tunic was badly ripped. There was a bandage wrapped securely around his left forearm. “Which way?”

“That way!” Trelan said, pointing down the corridor. “She had her bow and knives with her.”

Legolas ran off in the direction Trelan had gestured in. Moment later he arrived at the main doors to the strong hold and groaned when he saw them slightly ajar. Talking the stone steps two at a time, the elf prince reached the courtyard and dashed across to the tall gates.

“My Lord Legolas!” The two gate wardens stationed at the gates straightened at the sight of the prince. Legolas, however, ignored their greetings.

“Has Princess Fëawen passed through these gates?”

The two guards looked uneasily at each other. “My liege,” the first guard spoke, “Her Highness Princess Fëawen passed through not moments ago. She seemed...distressed.”

At a command from Legolas, the huge gates swung open on their own to allow him to exit. He quickly entered the forest, his eyes scanning the ground for signs of the direction Fëawen had taken. Thankfully, his sister had been too distraught to cover her tracks. Oh Fëawen please don’t do anything rash! Legolas sprinted through the trees, his worry for his sister growing stronger with every passing moment.

There! Up ahead was Fëawen running deeper into the forest, her blonde hair streaming out behind her. Legolas was a few feet away from her when he called out her name. “Fëawen, stop!”

Fëawen glanced over her shoulder but kept running. Legolas snarled in anger. “Fëawen! As your captain and your prince, I command you to stop!”

He reached out and grasped her shoulder tightly, yanking the younger elf to an abrupt halt. Fëawen struggled against Legolas’ iron grip, but it was useless. Legolas easily overpowered her, holding both her shoulders tightly, ensuring she couldn’t move. They stood looking at each other for a moment.

“Why?” Legolas asked, breaking the silence.

Fëawen glared at him. “You know full well why!” she hissed, yanking against him. “Let me go!”

Legolas refused. “Stop it, Fëawen.” But Fëawen refused to listen. Legolas saw her blue eyes smouldering with anger. “Fëawen, calm down. Hush now.” He gritted his teeth as he attempted to keep hold of her. “Fëawen...Fëawen,” he murmured, catching her head in both his hands, his thumbs running over her temples. “Stop it. Stop it. Calm down.” He pulled Fëawen’s head forward, pressing it against his shoulder. “Nothing will be gained by retaliating in this manner. I know because I’ve been there.” The prince felt Fëawen shaking against him but he could not tell whether it was from anger or something else.

“But they hurt him. They don’t deserve to live for what they did to him.” Fëawen’s voice broke as a sob escaped her lips.

Legolas released her head and wrapped his arms around her. “I know, I know. But Ranien will be okay. He will recover. But I don’t want to see retaliation of this kind anymore. Do you understand?”
Fëawen nodded. “I understand. Thank you for stopping me.”