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by Little Jewel-(T)
September 14, 2016. Updated Sept. 27, 2016

Ada! Look what I have! Can I keep it?!”

Thranduil put down the document he was studying. He looked up with a scowl on his face to see a small blond elfling bouncing eagerly in front of his desk, accompanied by an older elf dressed in a warrior’s garb.

The elfling in question was none other than Thranduil’s own son, Legolas. The other elf was one of his captains, Randomir. The captain looked slightly harassed as he tried to hold the energetic young prince still.

Thranduil spared a glance at Randomir. “Can you keep what, Legolas?” he asked, struggling to keep the irritated note from his voice as he stared at his son. Even moss-stained, scratched, with green smears across his face and clothes, and bits of leaves in his pale golden hair, Legolas still managed to radiate an air of pure innocence.  

“This!” Legolas thrust his laden hands up in front of his father.

With a start, Thranduil realised that the reddish-brown, furry, bushy, madly chattering bundle in Legolas’ hands was actually a squirrel. A very agitated squirrel.

“A squirrel?” he asked dubiously, elegantly raising one eyebrow.

“Yes!” Legolas declared. “He is going to be my new pet!”

“Is that so?” Thranduil glanced up at Randomir, but the captain’s face remained emotionless. His job had been to find the prince, not engage in any sort of discussion between father and son. Thranduil glared at the captain before returning his attention to his son.

“Legolas, I don’t think squirrels make for very good pets,” Thranduil pointed out.

Legolas looked puzzled. “Why not?”

“They belong in the forest, among the trees,” Thranduil explained patiently.


“Squirrels are wild creatures and not pets. They belong outside.” Thranduil paused and frowned. Why were they discussing squirrels? Was Legolas deliberately luring him into a trap? “The point is, you cannot keep that squirrel as your pet – nor any other wild creature,” he added hastily. Forbidden to keep a squirrel, Legolas could well go and find another creature to be his ‘new pet.’

“So, Legolas, give the squirrel to me.” Thranduil stood up and came around his desk. Obediently, the elfling held out his hands. But as the king tried to take the small, furry creature from his son, the squirrel lashed out and attempted to bite Thranduil’s finger. Thranduil hurriedly snatched his hand away.

Ada, I don’t think Squirrely like you,” Legolas said, desperately trying to hold back his giggles.

There was a snort, quickly suppressed, from Randomir.

“Clearly.” Thranduil silenced him with a glare. “Legolas, take this squirrel outside and return him to the forest this instant!” The king’s temper was slowly waning.

Legolas’ little, dejected face stared back up at him. “Why?”

“Legolas…” Thranduil knelt down and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Th-Squirrely does not belong in here. He lives in the forest and that is where he must remain. But you can visit him from time to time.”
Legolas’ face immediately brightened. Chattering away much like a squirrel himself, he left the study with the squirrel.

“Randomir.” The king’s voice made the captain pause and turn around.

“Yes, my lord?”

“If that squirrel escapes inside...” Thranduil left his threat hanging.

“I assure you it will be well guarded,
hir nin,” Randomir said before bowing. He quickly left the room, hurrying after Legolas.
Thranduil sighed and returned to his desk. What would his son think of next? His ears pricked up again as he heard the sound of his son’s exasperated voice out in the hall.

“I thought
Ada would have liked Squirrely. You said he would!”

Thranduil’s eyes narrowed dangerously and his fingers tightened around the quill he held. Next time he saw Randomir he would have a few choice things to say to the captain.