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Count Down

by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

The small Adan child stumbled down the stairs almost falling over her tiny feet in her haste. Her dark shoulder length hair had fallen out of its braid and now streamed around her face. She paused at the bottom of the stairs for breath, listening intently for sounds of anyone following her. There was none. For a moment she relaxed.


The child jumped at the sound of the angry voice, fear flashing though her silver grey eyes. She backed up a few paces before turning and fleeing further into the house.

“Aerinel! Come here right this minute, you meddlesome child!”

Aerinel sobbed as she ran. She hadn’t meant to break it. It had been an accident. But apparently the elf did not think it was. Seeing an open door, she ran inside, quickly darting behind a long curtain as she heard the approach of soft but angry footsteps.

They paused outside the door to the room she was hiding in. Aerinel held her breath, dreading being caught.

Elladan’s eyes narrowed as he scanned the room, easily locating the small, eight year old child hiding behind the heavy drapes. “Aerinel, come out,” he called sternly. He was not in the mood for games.

But there was no movement from the curtain. Elladan’s anger grew. First of all the child had entered his room without his permission, taken his sword from its sheath and broken a vase that had belonged to his mother and was now refusing to come out.

“Aerinel. I will count down from ten and if you do not come out.....” Elladan left his threat hanging. “Ten.....nine......eight....”

Behind the curtain, Aerinel shivered in fear; she had never seen Elladan so angry before.


A silent sob escaped her lips. She hadn’t meant to break the vase. The sword was just so heavy.


Slowly she pushed the curtain aside and padded softly over to where the tall raven-haired elf stood with a fierce glare on his face.

Elladan raised one eyebrow at the appearance of Aerinel and crossed his arms over his chest. “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Aerinel bowed her head and shifted uncomfortably beneath the elf’s stern gaze. “I’m sorry El’dan,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean to break it.”

Elladan sighed in frustration. “Aerinel, this is not just about the broken vase. You came into my room without permission and took my sword. I do not mind you coming into my room but you cannot take what is not yours.” His tone was harsh.

Aerinel nodded. “Yes El’dan. I’m sorry. I-I,” she hiccupped as a tear slide down her face. “I shouldn’t h-have gone into your room or t-touched your sword.”