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Breaking the Habit

by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

Aragorn scowled at the blond elf standing with his arms crossed determinedly over his chest in front of him.

“No.” Legolas repeated firmly. “You need to break that disgusting habit of yours.

If anything, the scowl on Aragorn’s face darkened and he looked as if he might go for the elf prince. Instead he swiped at Legolas, causing the elf to duck. Before he could regain his balance, the ranger lunged at him, knocking them both to the floor.

With a gasp as all the air was forced from his lungs, Legolas landed on the floor with Aragorn sitting atop him. “Get off you clumsy human!” he growled, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

But Aragorn shook his head.  “No I won’t! Not until you return to me what is rightfully mine you prissy elf!”  

With a shove Legolas toppled the human off him, got quickly to his feet and stood over him, glowering. “Aragorn, we have been over this too many times to count on two hands.” The prince rubbed his temples. “It is a disgusting habit and you need to break it before it gets any worse!”

“I will not!” Aragorn scrambled up off the floor and faced Legolas, his eyes flashing. “You have no right to tell me what habits I need to break. They are my habits, not yours!”

“Well, human,” Legolas took a step closer to the ranger, a dangerous glint in his eyes. “You are in my house now and that, fortunately, does give me the right to ban you from smoking that obnoxious pipe while staying here. I can assure you that my father despises the smell of pipeweed on the same level as he does dwarves and we both know how much he hates dwarves!”  

Aragorn gulped and stepped back. He knew all too well the quick fiery temper King Thranduil possessed. Legolas smirked at the look of horror on his friend’s face. Even Gandalf knew better than to smoke his pipe within a five mile radius of Thranduil. 

Aragorn glared at the cocky grin on the prince’s face. “That’s blackmail!”

Legolas shrugged. “What’s a little blackmail between friends?”

“You still have no control over me smoking outside your father’s halls!” Aragorn’s eyes flashed with success.

But Legolas had another threat up his sleeve. "You do so, and I will have no regrets telling not only Lord Elrond, but your brothers about you little ‘habit.’  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

Aragorn spluttered indignantly. “You wouldn’t?!” His voice was disbelieving.

“Care to find out?” Legolas asked calmly, holding up a quill and sheet of parchment.

Aragorn knew he was defeated for the time being. “Fine, you win this time, elf!”

Legolas nodded and held out his hand. Begrudgingly the ranger handed over his pipe. “Only while I’m here?” he asked, keeping a strong grip on the carved piece of wood.  Legolas nodded again, his eyes dancing with laughter as Aragorn realised his hold.

“Good. I’ll leave it here,” the prince said, indicating the top drawer of his writing desk. “One move out of you to get it,” he pointed at the fire. “And I will gladly throw it there or tell my father. You decide which is worse."

Aragorn gulped. Neither was an option he wanted to explore any time soon.