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by Little Jewel-(T)
October 14, 2016

“Tuilinn, stop it!”

The voice that gave the order sounded near desperation. However, the large, white stallion was having none of it. He pranced ff to the far end of the field, leaving his furious, elven rider behind.

Legolas glared at the horse as he picked himself up. Not quite an adult, but no longer a child, the elven prince was well into his adolescent years.

Sniggering from behind him alerted Legolas to the fact that his two friends, Trelan and Raniean, had clearly enjoyed watching the latest episode of the misbehaving Tuilinn. Turning around, the prince fixed his smouldering blue eyes on Ranien and Trelan who immediately subsided with their mirth. Growling under his breath, Legolas stormed off after his un-cooperative stallion.

Ranien watched the prince go with a smirk. “It would seem that Legolas is not having a good day with Tuilinn,” he remarked mildly. Trelan covered his mouth as he snorted with laughter. The last thing he needed was for Legolas to turn his wrath on him.

Legolas approached the stallion cautiously. Tuilinn had his head down, munching contentedly on a tuft of grass, but one eye was closely watching the approaching elf.

“There’s a good boy,” Legolas murmured softly, his steps slow and measured. “Easy boy, easy.......” Just as he reached out to grab a handful of the horse’s white mane, Tuilinn tossed his head and cantered off back up towards where Ranien and Trelan stood watching.

With a snarl, Legolas lunged at his horse but missed and landed in a heap on the ground. Again.  “Tuilinn when I get my hands on you I swear you’ll be sorry!” Legolas hissed under his breath as he stood to his feet once again. Luckily for him, only his pride was injured.

By the time he reached the top of the field once more, Ranien and Trelan had managed to control their laughter and stood watching the prince with serious faces. But they couldn’t hide the mirth that sparkled in their eyes.

Legolas huffed as he plonked down on the grass beside them. “That horse is a pest! He never obeys orders.”

Trelan looked thoughtful. “Perhaps you are not firm enough with him. He needs to know who's boss.”

Legolas glanced up at his friend. Trelan was shorter than most elves, but as fast and agile as any of them.  “You think that would work?”

Trelan nodded. “Yes, I think so.”

Legolas smirked. “All right then, prove it.”

Trelan blinked, surprised at the challenge but stepped forward towards the white stallion. “TUILINN COME HERE YOU GREAT BRUTE!” He roared, causing Legolas and Ranien to jump in surprise.

To Legolas’ utter shock, Tuilinn raised his head and walked obediently over to Trelan. Ranien howled with laughter at the look on his prince’s face.

Legolas scrambled to his feet. “How’d you do that?”  His face held a look of disbelief.

Trelan smirked. “I showed him who was boss.”

Legolas growled and playfully whacked Tuilinn. “You traitor! You disloyal animal! You are a creature of betrayal, that’s what you are!” the prince scolded. Behind him, Raniean and Trelan couldn’t contain their laughter.