Arawen and Lúthien:

A Heavenly Treasure

 by Laurelin  Caline-(T)
June 18, 2004

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White flakes are falling from the foggy grey sky

and are caught by the wind.

Lightly descending, they cover the ground

in a blanket and detail the naked trees.


Bright at night is the silver moon

and all the stars shining.

Making the flakes appear river blue

and the world much brighter.


<>    On a cold and sunless morn, faint cries were heard through the early morning mist. Arawen the Loyal was born on February 27, 1422. She was the first daughter of Aragorn Elfstone and Arwen Evenstar.

    Arawen wrinkled her little nose and squinted her tiny eyes. For the first time, she opened them, but all she could see was a mass of foggy greyness. Before long, the blurriness faded and the world around her took a definitive form;  Arawen could see the graceful face of her mother looking upon her with loving eyes. She was in a gold and cream coloured room in the city of Minas Tirith.
Lolian came and fitted a warm blanket around Arawen’s bare body, and returned her to Arwen. She held the infant child in her arms and the world around her seemed to shrink. In that moment, Arwen was happier than she had been for what seemed to be eternity.

    Arawen’s cute smile lifted the corners of her mouth, exaggerating her chubby cheeks. As it grew to its widest, her smile showed off her toothless gum and baby tongue. Arawen’s adorable looks sent happiness to Arwen’s soul as she gently stroked her fingers over the child’s soft, angelic skin. She was caught in a daydream, thinking about Valinor and the Elven Kings. Then Arwen shouted words of thanks, “Hantalë! Hantalë! Eru i-Ar! an tultan alassë; i mírë leana ni sina artuilë Hantalë! Hantalë! Eru i-Ar!”

(Thank you, thank you, Eru the High! for sending me joy; the precious gifts you gave to me this morn. Thank you, thank you! Eru the High!)


    Aragorn sat beside her and watched, eager to hold his new baby girl. Noticing his impatience, Arwen handed him his child. Aragorn carefully took the baby into his arms, where Arawen would always felt safest, and admired her innocent complexion. Aragorn’s eyes fogged up with happy tears to see such a beautiful child! The tears rolled down his cheeks and fell onto Arawen’s face. Aragorn washed them away with his finger and he smiled. Then he held her close to his heart as he danced around the room in merriment.

    Eldarion ran into the room to see what the amusement was. When he came to his father, Aragorn unveiled to him his new baby sister, who was to become his closest friend. When his face met hers, (oh, it was a sight to remember!) happiness filled his heart and he leapt for joy at his new treasure.


    The excitement only increased as Arwen gave birth to yet another child that day. Lúthien II was heaven-sent half an hour after Arwen! Twin daughters were given to the Queen that winter morn.
    Aragorn walked over to Arwen to see what this was. There, in Arwen’s arms lay another beautiful infant. Showing Arawen to her sister, he sang…


“Ilúvatar alya me naló.

Antaro me atta ayan nagalás

A laita, laita te… laituvalmet.


Ilya mancen le

Aelmanar oioalya.

A laita, laita te… laituvalmet.


Si me laita i ré


A laita, laita te…laituvalmet.”


(Ilúvatar Blessed us tonight.

He gives us two angels to delight.

Bless them, bless them… we shall bless them.


They send us great joy

And splendidness.

Bless them, bless them… we shall bless them


Now we praise the

Day in their merriment.

Bless them, bless them… we shall bless them.)


Eldarion stood near, speechless. He was unable to tell whether he should be extremely gratified or bewildered. He soon gave in, and went over to his parents to see his sisters. Looking at Lúthien, then at Arawen, and at Lúthien once more, he decided that it wasn’t so bad having another sister to look after. In fact, he thought it would be even more fun; two was always better than one!

            Eldarion embraced his sisters, hugging Arawen with his right arm and Lúthien with his left. “So there is enough room for two, isn’t there?” he remarked with a wide smile. “I’m going to play with them every day! I’ll teach them how to do all sorts of things! Like climbing rocks, running in the hall, and dancing around the courtyard! Everyday we’ll have lots of fun playing together,” Eldarion rambled in delight.

Arwen sung to her children a lullaby, which sent them instantly to sleep…


Ai! The autumn comes and we won’t get far
Our faces have saddened and our singing soft
We leave our homes and remember the loss
Beauty to be dawned and light will be dimmed
As we flee from our lands we remember one thing
The weeping of our children and the laughter of a king!

Ai! Our footsteps are trekking near and far
Danger is at our feet and we leave in regret
Whispers tell us about the lands we left in our past
And in our sadness we seek them now
Yearning for peace and light again!

Ai! Through lands of many homes we traveled to our end
Our voices glistening like weary birds
The homes of our fathers bend
As we walk they crumble now
And as we sing we weep in our almost dieing hearts
Hoping that love we’ll meet again!

Ai! The crown of our forbearers blend
As we drift to the bay our hope is restored
We leave to the Undying Lands

The journey flows far, but we may find it still!

Ai! Alas our souls diminish in the sadness of our heart

We will always remember the times we spent not apart

 Námarië! Namarië our sweet lands of Middle-earth

We will never return, but of you we sing in our lullaby!


… Lolian put the little ones to bed as Arwen fell asleep where she was, too tired to move a limb. The world was at peace on that cold and sunless day.