by Irmo-(Valar)
January 17, 2003
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    Varda is standing high upon Taniquetil, overlooking the worlds. All the way to the North her bright eyes penetrate the icy black waters that cover the ruins of Utumno and Angband. To the South she can overlook the ravines where once Morgoth and Ungoliant celebrated their foul alliance to wreak havoc upon Telperion and Laurelindë. And even can she see all the way past Lake Cuivienen the Fair, glittering in the gloom of the East.
    It is to the east that Varda is watching, when Manwë comes up the stairs and goes to stand by his lady. Suddenly Varda's beautiful face is twisted with anxiety and sadness.
    Manwë: "What is it dearest? Ill tidings? Are the Forces of the Dark gaining ground again?"
    Varda: "No Manny, you are standing on my toes!"