A Song the Size of the World

Story by Fladrif-(V)
Illustrated by Fladrif-(V)
October 3, 2007
Written for the Tenth Anniversary of the Valar Guild

"A Song of the World" by Fladrif-(V)

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Ordering the notes to create music is absolutely not a struggle-free path to go, let alone if instead of one chaotic composer over ten high ones are involved.

In...at...wait..., in the time when there was no time, the Valar assembled and had the idea of creating something big, huge, not to say enormous....

It's the song of everything... or, so to say, the middle of everything that is made today. Back then, the wise assembled and began to sing in their tonal area of interest, some sketchy, others detailed down to the separate leaves. The songs grew calmly but yet as if Ulmo was the director in a very unorganized and curly way.

Good heavens! There was Melkor the Wise who demanded order. A stiff and well ordered song came forth, pushing everyone away from its path. "The song shall obey the Great Melkor." Manwe was the first to react by baldly changing chords, and the song became infested from inside. Although no known light as big as the sun was yet be sungvented*, Manwe's song sounded more friendly and geotic. Soon Ulmo and his Ainur of the waterplanes came into the mind of the audience, so calm and yet lively were the song themes added by the Valar of river and sea.

To those listening carefully in between the waves of chaotic evil of the at first seemingly orderly Melkor and the harmonious and big Manwe, there was yet a little soft and very detailed tone. It was where Yavanna and Nessa founded an artistic harmony creating detail in every theme passing by. Even darkness caught some grey spots. This came to the notice of Melkor who tried even harder for creating his world and yet more and more he became the middle of everything. Slowly, overuled by all the power and fineness, he was not the one making the overtone nor a harmonic anymore. Where would this end, maybe even a seperate song?

These songs will never be sung twice, for they are of the ongoing music of time.

*invention made during the process of singing as guidance of creation of true things.