The Valar

by Eru-(Valar)
June 11, 2000
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Bathed in a golden glow subtly mixed with silver, the green gardens of Valinor stretch out before the hill of the Trees.  The silver glow of Telperion, the elder of the Trees, waxes over the golden radiance of Laurelin and together they cast a warm light over the rippling surface of the Wells of Varda.

Close to the Trees, on the slopes of the hill, three figures sit at ease, talking quietly.  One of them, robed in rich blue, has sky blue eyes which glow deep within as pure white stars.  White hair and beard frame the wise, kindly face of Manwe, King of the Valar.  At his side sits another, altogether different, but just as imposing in presence.  A long, thin frame, clad in black, his pale angular features are hairless and his black deep-set eyes betray him as Namo, the Lord of Fate.  At the other side is one different again, his robes the colour of trees in the moonlight and his lithe form and gentle manner suggesting one at peace.  His eyes however are kindled with the fire of desire.  Irmo, the Dream Lord, the Desirer.

Not far from the base of the hill, a muscular, red-haired figure lounges, Tulkas the Strong, his simple face eager and intent upon the white cloaked, silver-haired figure of Orome the Hunter as he tells a great tale of battle, his strong arms a whirlwind about him as he gestures. Standing near to the Hunter is Nahar, proud and indomitable, father of the Mearas, his muscular flanks rippling and quivering with the desire to run like the wind. As the warriors talk of great adventure, their wives, the wildly radiant Vana and the gracefully agile Nessa dance and sing in celebration of the Spring of Arda.

Drifting across the endless gardens, a faint hammering can be heard.  Atop a great mountain, the Mansions of Aule glow red from the endless burning of his great smithy, his labours without end.  His wife, Yavanna, Queen of the Earth, walks amongst the flowers of their garden, blossoms opening in exultation as she passes.

Now, across the plain another small group approaches; at their head is one whose beauty outshines all that have come since.  Varda, Queen of the Valar, she glows as glittering snow atop star-struck mountains and is beyond compare.  Following her is one in sombre purple, Vaire, wife of Namo and Mistress of Time.  On one side of her is Nienna, her eyes red from endless weeping and on the other is Este, gentle and silent.

As they approach the hill, Manwe sighs and rises to his feet, the others doing the same.  As they turn to cross the endless green gardens of Valinor to the task that awaits them in the Ring of Doom, yet another joins them.  As a wave from the sea which walks on the land he approaches, Ulmo, mighty Lord of the Seas, his indigo eyes bottomless as the oceans which he rules.

As they all recede into the distance, the light of Laurelin waxes, filling the sky with gold, bringing light and life to the world of Eru's Vision.