Revelation: What Evil Fears

by Eonwe-(Valar)
October 1, 2007
For the 10 Anniversary of the Valar Guild

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He was there, then suddenly was gone, and the Palantir darkened: Isildur’s heir. Not like the petty men Sauron had now under his sway, but like unto the great kings of Numenor, tall and proud, with a wisdom and power beyond those the Dark Lord had summoned to him, taught long ago by Eonwë, gifted by the Valar, befriended by the Elves, and he had wrenched the Palantir of Orthanc from under the control of Sauron the Great.

Sauron was shocked too much to be furious. After all these years, the line of Amandil had appeared again to trouble his plans! Openly Amandil had gainsaid him in Pharazon’s councils as he sought to bring Numenor down. Then his son Elendil stood alongside Gil-galad, and together they defeated him, though he had slain them in turn. Defeated he was, but the greater shame had been that Isildur, Elendil’s son, had taken his Ring, leaving him weakened for many years, but he had been patient. He bided his time, recovering his power while the years passed for his enemies, the Elves returning West and the might of Numenor waning. Comfort and a small bit of satisfaction it had brought to him knowing Isildur had in the end been slain because of his Ring, and many calculated moves he had spent to eliminate his line and his kingdom. Still, that had been for naught it seems, for Isildur’s heir now came before him with Elendil’s sword to threaten his designs once again.

Unbidden it seemed now that the Palantir came to life, the colors swirling together until they revealed an image of the past. Sauron could not help but watch as his defeat at the slopes of Mount Doom, when he was at the height of his power, was laid before him. In anger he watched, but the images would not dissipate.

The Palantir darkened again, only to reveal a new image to the Dark Lord. This time he was not at the slopes of Mount Doom, but within his own tower. The sounds of battle rang through the halls and through the windows from the outside. From the tallest tower to the deepest pit he watched himself looking for escape from these attackers as they scoured the field of battle, but he could not look away. At last he was cornered, and his opponent stood before him. An aura of power seemed to emanate from this person, and as Sauron watched he noticed the person wore his Ring. Almost tauntingly the view of the Palantir panned upward to reveal the identity of the Dark Lord’s assailant, only to reveal his greatest fear: Isildur’s Heir.

Finally Sauron was able to thrust the Palantir from himself. No longer tormented by the visions, he gave orders to attack Gondor immediately.