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    Eiladwyn sent her first story, "Even Now", on September 21, 2009, bringing her into the Valar Guild as a Tolkien-only member.
    Her birthday is September 27.
    She also publishes under the same name in
     She speaks Malay, Mandarin, and English.

    "I wrote Even Now while I was thinking about someone who is having trouble in their family, so it may seem a little sad .
    "I first read the LOTR trilogy when I was 8, but I didn't really understand it properly until I read it 3 years later haha. The movies also helped greatly.
    The Silmarillion makes me cry whenever I read it, and The Children of Hurin is basically an extended version of the main parts that make me cry, so I think I'm a complete wuss .
    J.R.R Tolkien really was a genius, and I feel...honoured? Yeah, honoured to be able to use his characters and lands in my writings."


Even Now
    Set in the time when Celebrian is in Imladris, trying to recover from her ordeal with the orcs.
    For the 12th Anniversary of the Valar Guild
    Sept. 21, 2009  Complete. Also on

My Son
    Thranduil and Elrond await their sons in Valinor.
    Two chapters. Complete.
    For the 12th Anniversary of the Valar Guild
    Oct. 3, 2009. Also on