Morgoth in Exile:

Timeless Thoughts

by Barahir-(V)
December 23, 2005
    Morgoth, the mightiest of all in Ea (save Eru), looked at the world that he marred. It was still reeling at the mighty destruction he caused while his crown held the Silmarils. But now the world had forgotten him, considering him exiled, banished forever, thinking that he could not return. That's what all of them thought. Not all…all of them except the Vala that he called Mandos, all except... him. He is mighty, no doubt, and foreseeing, but even he cannot foresee the plans that I have created. Though he is undoubtedly his greatest obstacle from being free.

    Even though Morgoth was in the boundless void that was empty and so cold as to freeze his molten fires and so black, even through this he could see his foes, the Valar, living peacefully at Aman along with those who had brought about his first exile, the elder elves.

    Soon…. very, very soon in the reckoning of the Valar, he shall escape…and make them suffer, changing the world forever.