Letters from Faramir

Letter Ten

by Alcardilme

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I have spent long hours this night with Pippin and he will tell me nothing of our father - nothing to assuage this dread I feel. He only told me one thing - that he swore himself to father and to Gondor in thanks to you - for your sacrifice for him and for Merry.

And then he pulled his chair close to my bed, pulled out this long, outlandish pipe, packed it with some leaf and lit it! He saw the look of surprise on my face and proceeded for the next quarter of an hour to describe all the joys and the makings of Longbottom Leaf, the best pipeweed, according to him, in the Southfarthing.

I am getting used to this Hobbit - he cannot say something in one or two sentences. He takes two score at least to say anything at all. I think back to Frodo. It took all my skill to learn what I needed from him and, most times, it was his companion, poor Sam, who fell into my trap and told me what I needed to know - much to Sam's horror. My heart went out to him. All he saw before him was his Master, and all he tried to do was protect him, and yet all he did was give up the secrets Frodo would keep hidden.

I have asked Pippin to start from the beginning and tell me about you. I need to hear of you. And this little one seems to have a love for you. I fear it will take all night. He has set himself up comfortably.

And so it begins…

The Halfling has been speaking for well over an hour now, telling me of your journey towards home. You did no less than I would expect when you joined the Fellowship and my heart is proud and sore for it led you down paths I would not have you trod. I am grateful to this little one for befriending you. It seems mayhap, he was the only one who did, though Frodo, bless his heart, said you were his friend.

Hullo, Boromir –

It’s Pippin again. Your brother is kind and has given me tea and cakes to refresh myself and I am ready to begin again. Frodo and Sam must have taught him a little something of a Hobbit’s needs.

As for friends, I have told him you earned many before our time together ended – not the least was my friendship, though I wish somehow that friendship could have saved you. So I will continue my story...


This dear, dear friend of yours. He has collapsed into my arms in tears after telling me of your trials in the Golden Wood. How can I comfort him when my own heart is breaking? Somehow through his wailing, he said he even tried to teach you how to smoke pipeweed. I can see the look on your face as you tried to do as he said and puff on the pipe he gave you. He said you hated it. The lengths he went to try to help you; the love he has for you makes me weep.

He asks me what do you do when you see someone you love shriveling up inside, dying little by little, day by day? And yet this young Halfling kept on until he could go no further. He has such guilt Boromir, how can I help him see he saved you in the end, for that is what Gandalf told me.

I’m better now, Faramir. If you’d like, I can continue...


I fear we are coming to a part of Pippin’s telling that I do not want to hear. I have sent him off to find a snack and hope that the kitchen is still open. The fever is still upon me and I know the Warden would have Pippin’s head if he knew we were both still awake, but tomorrow he leaves with Aragorn for the Black Gate. I must know what befell you, even though it makes my blood run cold at the thought. That perhaps your honor was saved, that you had a moment to redeem yourself – this is my only hope. I cannot believe a lifetime of honor, bravery and courage could be wiped away in one moment. I need this moment to collect my thoughts before the telling of your last moment. So much has happened since I met Frodo and found that my life had changed forever. His warm regard for you did not hide the fear in his eyes. Though he spoke of your valor and your friendship, I knew tragedy had befallen you. Now I will hear it from Pippin’s lips and my heart quells at the thought of your fall. Frodo has told me you tried to take the Ring. His kindness and his mercy towards you fill me with joy and grief.

Why did the ring not whisper to me? Why did it wreathe itself around your heart and your mind? I have no answer and I surmise that Pippin will have none either. And what am I to tell father about this moment? Ah, Boromir – would that you had listened to me. Would that father had listened to me and sent me on the quest instead of you. I would have done anything to spare your life, and yet – that is why you went. To spare mine. If father only knew – he still believes it was your pride that drove you to take this on. I know better, dearest Brother.

Pippin returns with a satisfied smirk on his face – he has found food! I will let him continue his tale - I pray I have the courage to listen.

Hullo, Boromir,

Your kitchen is quite fine. I found wonderful cakes and tarts and am quite full, for the moment, so I will continue. I’m very glad to have had a moment to rest before my thoughts go to that day - that day we lost you. I try constantly to remember you as you were to me on Caradhras, in Hollin, and Moria, but all I see…. I must start at the beginning...


I hold this dear Halfling in my arms as he cries his heart out. My tears join his. And yet my heart rejoices. You have been saved! Your honor is intact! My brother has been returned whole to me. And I thank the Valar that this little one, as he says you fondly called him, has come to me. He has healed my heart even more than the herbs of the Warden. I will send him to his bed now. He has a grievous path ahead of him tomorrow and my heart sickens at the thought. How strange – one moment my heart is filled with joy and now it is filled with sorrow, fear and concern for my newest friend. May the Valar protect him at the battle. He is so small in frame, so large in heart.

I love you, dearest Brother. Be at peace now. My heart is.


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