Aratar Valie created by Eru. Deathless.

Yavanna by Yav
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By Yavanna-(Valar), later Yav
November 1998

    Yavanna, the Giver of fruits; Kementári, Queen of the Earth in the Eldarin tongue. The spouse of Aule, Smith of the Valar. Lover of things that grow in the Earth, she is a tall woman robed in green, and she sometimes takes on other forms such as a tall tree. She is the Maker of the Two Trees of Valinor and of Ents, her shepherds, created to protect the trees, which she holds dearest amoung the olvar.
    Yavanna is next to Varda in reverence among the Valier, and counted among the Aratar.

Reference: Silmarillion

Images of Yavanna: 

Image: "Yavanna". Artist: Olga Kukhtenkova. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image: "Yavanna". Artist Alexandra Koskinen. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image: "The Two Trees". Artist Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo Tolkien page  

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