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by Saruman-(Valar) [was Legolas-(V) while writing this article before passing the Maia test]
December 1998

    Varda is the wife of Manwë, an Aratar, and a Valië.
    She is the Queen of the Stars who lives upon Ilmarin, upon the vast and tallest mountain of Arda named Taniquetil. She is called the "Queen of Light" for that is her element.  Her eyes shine like stars reflecting off of the light surrounding the Lamps of the Valar which she lit with only the drops of dew from the Trees of the Valar.
    Upon her face reflects the moon and the sun, which she placed in the heavens, most beloved by my kind (elves, I'm Legolas), and known by many titles of honor given to her by my people -- Tintallë, Elentári, Fanuilos, and Gilthoniel -- for she awakened us when she rekindled the light that shone upon the bountiful heavens (stars), for she is the most beautiful Queen among the Valar, and the Valar Queen most honored by my race. 

Varda's Name

by Varda-(Valar)
Aug. 21, 2001

    In Quenya Elvish, vard- is "rule, govern", vardar is "king", varni is "queen" so this could be translated in context as queen.
    In Sindarin Elvish, Varda was called Bridhil, cognate with Quenya vard-. Other Sindarin names are Timbridhil and Tinwetári.

Reference: Book of Lost Tales I "Appendix". 

March 26, 2005 (continued, using The Silmarillion)
    Varda is not a true name but a title. A number of her "names" reflect that she is the highest ranked female Valar, or Valië.
        "The Exalted"
        "The Lofty"
        "Queen of the Valar"
    Many other names/titles reflect her work with the stars before the Elves awakened at Cuivienan as "Lady of the Stars".
        Elbereth means "Star Queen". The language is Sindarin and her usual name.
        Elentári means "Queen of the Stars", "Star Queen". This title is used in Galadriel's lament in Lothlórien in Fellowship of the Ring. The first part, Elen, comes from ele "behold", the exclamation the first Elves were said to have used when they saw the stars as they awoke, so the words for star derive from that. Both êl and elen are ancient words for "star", while elda and elena are adjectives that mean "of the stars". Thus Eldar for the "people of the stars", originally used by Órome for all Elves since he found them as one people, later only referring to those three kindreds that set out for Valinor whether or not they made it, as distinct from the Avari who refused to go.  In Sindarin, the strict equivalent of Elda is Eledh, while an often used equivalent is Edhel, plural Edhil. The last part of the name, tári means "she that is high, Queen", from Quenya tara for "lofty", since tar is used for the masculine.
        Tintallë, meaning "The Kindler", is also used in Galadriel's lament in Lothlórien in Fellowship of the Ring. Tinta- comes from Quenya's tinwë "spark", and tin- "sparkle", and tinta "cause to sparkle".

Reference: Silmarillion text and the "Index of Names", "Appendix" for name elements

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