Turin, After Death

by Turin-(V)
July 26, 2002

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    Turambar (Turin) had followed Nienori along the path to the doors of Fui, but Fui would not open to them, neither would Vefantur. Yet the prayers of Urin and Mavwin came  to Manwe, and the gods had mercy on their unhappy fate, so that those two Turin and Nienori entered into Fos Almir, the bath of flame, even as Urwendi did in ages past before the first rising of the Sun, and so were all their sorrows washed away, and they dwelt as shining Valar among the blessed ones, and now the love of that brother and sister is very great; and Turambar will stand beside Fionwe in the Great Wrack, and Melko and his drakes shall curse the sword of Mormakil.

This is a paraphrase from BoLT 2.

Reference: Book of Lost Tales 2