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Shelob by Eru-(Valar)
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by Eru-(Valar)  
Dec. 3, 2002
    Last of Ungoliant's monstrous offspring, Shelob occupied the caverns of Cirith Ungol for uncounted years, guarding the pass into Mordor and, though no ally of Sauron's, her presence suited his purpose.  Indeed, he would often send her useless prisoners as if feeding a cat which kept the vermin from his house.  Conversely, Shelob had little use for Sauron, except as an occasional source of food. 
    In appearance, she was a vast spider, bloated and corrupt from long years of cunning cruelty and evil.  She gave forth a sickening stench and a pervading sense of evil and malice which often overcame weaker foes.  Her hide was as tough as plate armour, but her underbelly was soft, and it proved particularly vulnerable when attempting to crush Samwise Gamgee during the War of the Ring. 
    She almost thwarted the quest to destroy Sauron's One Ring by capturing Frodo; however using Sting, Samwise injured her and she withdrew from the fight in shock and confusion.  Her eye clusters were also an area of weakness, as was her intolerance of light, particularly from the Phial of Galadriel. 

Images of Shelob: 

Image "Shelob". Confronted by Sam over Frodo, artist Tony Galuidi, Rolozo Tolkien page
Image "Shelob". Sam attacks. Artist Roger Garland, Rolozo Tolkien page