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Article: "Rivendell as Karningul" by Anarion-(TV)

Rivendell as Karningul

by Anarion-(TV)
Jan. 17, 2000

    Karningul:  The Westron name of Rivendell, (Rivendell being the anglicised version). Karningul is simply a rough translation of Imladris, meaning a "steep-sided valley".


: "Rivendell". Removed for lawyers. Artist JRR Tolkien. Rolozo Tolkien page. (Tolkien's pictures no longer up)
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Black & Whites:
Image: "At Rivendell". Artist Maret Kernumees. Rolozo Tolkien page 
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Image: "Rivendell". Sam watches over Frodo. Artist Ariel Neimark. Rolozo Tolkien page