Peregrin "Pippin" "Pip" Took

    Peregrin Took was his real name, nicknamed "Pippin" and "Pip". Youngest member of the Fellowship of the Ring.
Article : "Pippin", by Laurelin Caline
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by Laurelin Caline-(TV)
Aug. 9, 2003

Aliases: Pippin, Ernil-i-Pheriannath, Pip
Date of Birth: 2990 T.A.
Date of Death: FO. 65
Race: Hobbit
Height: roughly 4 1/2 at the end of the War of the Rings
Alignment: Good
Parents: Paladin Took, Eglantine Banks
Spouse: Diamond of Long Cleeve
Date of Marriage: FO. 7
Children: Faramir I
Physical description: Thick curly brown hair on head and feet. Taller than most Hobbits due to drinking Ent water.

    Peregrine was a longtime friend of Frodo’s, and barged into his journey to Rivendell. After the Council, Pippin was determined to join the Fellowship, whether he was invited or a stowaway. He got himself invited, along with Meriadoc Brandybuck, but made a few very crucial mistakes along the road. First he tossed a stone into a never ending well in Moria, inviting a pack of Goblins to their resting area. His other goof was looking into the Palantír (which he knew was forbidden, but was lured to it anyways). But whether a fool or no, Pippin far surpassed his errors, proving his worthiness. Notable deeds concerning Pippin in his tale include aiding in the rousing of the Ents, offering his sword in service to Denethor the Steward of the White City, and being a big assistance in the War of the Ring. Surviving all these troubles, he returned home to invaders, but nonetheless fought bravely against the villains (once again) with all his willing Hobbit friends and saved his town. In FO 14, he ascended to his hereditary position as Thain of the Shire, and was made a Counsellor of the North Kingdom, rather than ruler, since the High King had returned. A Thain acted as master of the Shire-moot and captain of the Hobbitry-in-Arms, both meeting only in emergencies.

Reference: Lord of the Rings

Images: Pippin

Image : Pippin smiling. Artist Nata Drozdova. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image : Pippin with hands in pockets. Artist Nata Drozdova. Rolozo's Tolkien page
Image : Pippin looks in the Palantir and meets Sauron, getting Saruman into trouble. Artists Maria and Elena Gubina. Rolozo Tolkien page 
Image of Pippin offering his sword to Denethor as Gandalf watches: Artist Douglas Beekman, from the Rolozo Tolkien page