by Arveleg-(V)
June 26, 2007
Elves > Nellas

    Nellas was a maiden of Melian who lived in the woods of Doriath. She never entered Doriath save once because she loathed the crowded atmosphere.
    When Turin came to Menegroth, Nellas was ordered by Melian to instruct, guard, and watch over Túrin in the forests of Menegroth. In his primary years in Doriath, Túrin grew attached to her as she taught him Sindarin Elvish customs.
    When Túrin had to be tried by Thingol over Saeros’s death, Nellas, for love of Túrin, stood up for him as he was about to be sentenced (even though he was not present) and told the true story of what happened. She had been watching over Túrin from a distance durings Túrin’s fight with Saeros. This caused the whole trial to cease and Thingol sent Beleg Cuthalion to seek out Túrin to grant him his pardon.

Reference: Children of Hurin