by Gazarok-(TV)
March 24, 2006

Animals > Oliphaunts

    The Mumakil of Harad (also called Oliphants and Mumàk) are huge beasts somewhat resembling elephants. Some brief reports suggest that the mumakil did not actually originate from Harad, but came from the neighboring savannahs of Khand.
    The Haradrim, men of Harad, train these large beasts for war, securing large platforms on the backs of the animals and drive them to battle. In the Battle of the Pelennor Fields they were used to pull large towers and siege engines into line (RotK chp.6). The immense beasts served as a rally point for the evil forces due to the fact that the Rohirrim horses swerved around the beasts.
    The main road for the Haradrim to Gondor passes through Ithilien; it is here that Samwise Gamgee came across an Oliphant as it rampaged through the trees.

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see also Duilin (Man) and Derufin