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1382 - a few years after 1484 S.R.

Article : "Merry Brandybuck". Meriadoc's biography, by Laurelin Caline-(TV)
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Merry Brandybuck

by Laurelin Caline-(TV)
July 29, 2003

    Meriodoc Brandybuck, better known as Merry, was surpassingly one of the most remarkable Hobbits in all of Middle-earth. He was always thinking and planning things, and remarkably intelligent. It was he who was the first to find the mysterious ways of Bilbo Baggins and his magic ring, and organized their escape from the Shire and Buckland to Bree. Merry is most known for befriending King Théoden of Rohan, and aiding Éowyn in slaying the King of the Nazgûl, which actually saved her from ruin. He also led the Shire to a clear victory from their overtakers. Then, when the evil was forfeit, he wedded Estella Bolger (sister of his good friend Fatty Bolger, who also aided them from escaping Buckland safely) and became Master of Buckland. In his old age, he took the last adventure of his life; visiting his dear friend Éomer in Rohan with his close cousin Pippin Took, and after accompanied him on his journey to Gondor, where they died in peace and splendour.
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Image : Merry. Artist Nata Drozdova. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image : Merry with sword. Artist Nata Drozdova. Rolozo Tolkien page 
Image of Merry telling stories to Sam's children, lively picture. " Meriadoc The Magnificent and The Children of Samwise Hamfast", November 1994. Artist Michael Kaluta. From the Rolozo Tolkien page.