by Varda-(Valar)
Nov. 22, 1999
Updated March 1, 2000 
Maiar > Melian

    Melian served both Vana and Este of the Valar.  Except for her time in Arda with Thingol, she lived in Irmo's Lorien tending  the flowering trees.  Nightingales accompanied her, singing, wherever she went.
    She was Queen of Doriath as the bride of Thingol. Melian stayed upon Middle-earth for the love of the High King of the Teleri elves, known as Elwe Singollo and Elu Thingol.  Together they founded the kingdom of Doriath and built Menegroth, home of the Sindar, the Grey Elves.  Melian protected this area with a powerful magic barrier called the "Girdle of Melian".  Their child, the only union of Maia and elf, was the stunningly beautiful Luthien Tinuviel.  Tinuviel means "nightingale".  Because Thingol was murdered by dwarves for the Silmaril he had them place in the Nauglamir, Melian returned to Valinor. With her absence, the protective barrier disintegrated.

Reference:  The Silmarillion