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Manwe: Quote

by Manwe-(Valar)

    This quote from the Silmarillion is the best testimony to the character of Manwe:

''Manwe has no thought for his own honour, and is not jealous of his power, but rules all to peace''

Reference: "Of the Beginning of Days", in the "Quenta Silmarillion" of the Silmarillion


by Varda-(Valar)
Updated April 24, 2005

    Singer of the Air, Manwe Sulimo is Lord of the very breath of Arda. He is king of the Valar and of Arda, greatest of the Aratar. He best understands the mind of Eru and is loyal and wise. He communicates directly with Eru.
    Manwe was the chief instrument in the second theme of the Music, raised up against the discord of Melkor. This was seen in the days of the making of Arda when Manwe called to himself many spirits both greater and less into the fields of Arda and aided Manwe in the building, lest Melkor wither it before it flowered, and there was strife between the Valar and Melkor, forcing Melkor to other regions of Arda and not allowing him Manwe's Kingship of Arda.
    Manwe's brother is Melkor, in the mind of Eru.
    His wife is Varda, from whom he is rarely parted. If Varda is beside him, he can see further than all others through mist, darkness, and over the sea.
    All swift birds he loves, and they come and go at his bidding.

Reference: Silmarillion 

Manwe: Images

Image - Unavailable.  The Halls of Manwe: Mt. Everwhite. Artist JRR Tolkien. Rolozo's Tolkien page. (All of JRRT's own art has been asked to be removed from the Internet)
Image "Manwe". Young and blue-eyed. Artist Irina Bogomolova. Rolozo Tolkien page 
- "The Eagles of Manwe", showing Manwe in eagle form taking up the sky. Artist Ted Nasmith. Rolozo's Tolkien page 
Image - Manwe with eagle. B & W. Artist Alexandra Koskinen. Rolozo's Tolkien page
Image - Varda and Manwe. Color. Artist Natalia Nikitin. Rolozo's Tolkien page 
Image - Manwe and Varda. Pencil on graph paper. Artist Olga Strojny. Rolozo's page 
Image - "Manwe". Artist Alexandra Koskinen. Rolozo Tolkien page.