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Born and lived in Middle-earth during the Third and Fourth Ages, sailed to Valinor.


In story order:
Image: "Legolas". Portrait at home in Mirkwood, black and white. Artist Varda-(Valar). Glittering Caves of Aglarond site.
Image : "Legolas". Non-movie portrait, white hair. Artist Bill Corbett. Rolozo Tolkien site
Image : "Mirkwood's Elf". Artist: Margaret Kogan. Source: Rolozo Tolkien site
Image : "Bloom as Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood". Legolas with bow. Artist Sharon 'Lynx' Tanhueco. Rolozo Tolkien site
Image : The Council of Elrond. Artist Peter Caras. Rolozo Tolkien site 
Image: "The Fellowship". Group portrait. Artist: Catherine Karina Chmiel. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image:  Fellowship around a campfire in the woods listening to Gandalf. Artist: Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo Tolkien page.
Image:  "Legolas". Kills orc; mountainous area with pines. Artist Jason Zilian. Rolozo 
Image : "Legolas" With Mirkwood bow, apparently after a battle with a red sunrise. Artist Timos Kouimtzoglou. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image: "Dances with Wolves". Fellowship fighting the wolves in Eregion/Hollin before reaching Moria. Artist: Catherine Karina Chmiel. Rolozo Tolkien page 
Image: "Legolas at the Dimrill Dale". After leaving Moria. Second picture down. Artist Soni Alcorn-Hender. Bohemian Weasel LotR site
Image: "Lorien". Haldir with the blindfolded Fellowship. Artist: Catherine Karina Chmiel. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image : "Legolas aims for the Fell Beast". During the river trip between Lorien and the break-up. Artist Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image : "Legolas shoots the Fell Beast". Artist Anke-Katrin Eiszmann. Rolozo Tolkien page.
Image : "Legolas". Apparently at night, with the bow from Galadriel. Artist: Manuel Alonso Rubio Garcia. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image : "Legolas". Movie Legolas learning about mortality. Artist Marina Zhukova. Rolozo
Image : "Understanding Mortality". Legolas arrives at the scene of Boromir's death. Coloured pencil. Artist Soni Alcorn-Hender. Bohemian Weasel
Image : "Departure of Boromir". Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn place Boromir and artifacts in the funeral boat. Artist: Anke-Katrin Eiszmann. Rolozo Tolkien site
Image : "Searching Fangorn". Artist Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo Tolkien page  
Image : "Legolas and Gimli". At Helm's Deep, contrast. Artist John Howe, his 2001 Tolkien calendar. Rolozo page.  
Image : "Gimli and Legolas" at Helm's Deep. Waiting for the attack. Artist Anke-Katrin Eiszmann. Rolozo.
Image : "Legolas". Wearing Helm's Deep armor, movie version. Artist Marie Anderson. Rolozo.
Image : "Legolas". Shooting from the walls of Helm's Deep. Artist Daniel Genchev. Rolozo page
Image : Legolas sees the ents outside Helm's Deep but is stopped from going back to meet them by Gimli and Gandalf. Artist Rosana Sullivan. Rolozo Tolkien
Image : "Legolas and Gimli 2". Humans, probably in Gondor, noticing the odd pair. Artist Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo Tolkien
Image : "Legolas". Wearing his prince circlet, probably at Aragorn's coronation. Artist Margaret Kogan. Rolozo Tolkien
Image : "Legolas con sus hijos". "con sus hijos" means "with his sons". Artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta. Rolozo

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