Irmo, Lord of Lorien

Vala created by Eru. Deathless

Irmo  by Varda-(Valar)
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by Varda -(Valar)

    Lord of Dreams, Visions, and Passion, Lorien keeps gardens in Valinor to which many spirits including the Valar go for rest, as they are the fairest places that exist. His place is called Lorien, thus his name as the Lord of Lorien is Lorien, but his name in the Quenya language of the Elves of Valinor is Irmo.
    He is sixth of the Lords of the Valar, yet not one of the Aratar although his brother and sister are.
    Namo, Lord of Mandos, is his elder brother, and together they are called the Feanturi, the masters of spirits.
    Irmo and Namo's sister is Nienna.
    Irmo's wife is Este.

Reference: Silmarillion


by Dreamlord-(TV)
Updated January 3, 1999 

    Irmo, Lord of Dreams and Visions, is one of the Fëanturi, and as such he wields no hammer like Aulë, no spear like Oromë, for his dominion is the souls of those that dwell in Ëa. Unlike his brother Nàmo he does not pass judgement on the disembodied spirits in Arda nor does he offer prophecies or words of Fate.
His pastures are solace, his house is peace; and the groves of Lórien where Valar and Maiar, and Iluvatar’s Firstborn go to ease the burden of Arda, are dreamlike in their harmony.
    By the trees and flowers in the gardens of Dream and Vision, Melian lifted her voice and enchanted both Ainur and Quendi, touching their hearts with the wonder of her song.
    Irmo’s name does not appear in the tales of Arda and the Eldar do not mention him in song, for he does not work in the open - his power is unseen and his influence is subtle even to the Wise. Yet if one wishes to understand the ways of the serene Dreamlord, they are reflected through Olórin (also known as Gandalf, ed.), wisest of all Maiar, who dwelled in Irmo’s abode. For he was sent forth from Lórien to lift the hearts of the Free Peoples in Arda and to convey Wisdom and Compassion and most importantly, Hope.
    Also Lothlórien, the fabled home of Celeborn and Galadriel in Middle-Earth thrived and (by its beauty) paid homage to the original home of Irmo.
    Seek not Irmo in scenes of strife, or woe where conflict or physical power prevail. Seek him in Inspiration, in Desire, in Hope, and in the heart of the slumbering Hero before his day of great deeds...

And, it is said, there were times when Darkness had not yet been corrupted with Melkor's malice and been made bearer of fear and quencher of lights.
In the beginning, Irmo, Lord of Dreams, used the embrace of the soothing darkness to convey his Visions, for Darkness and Light were brethren, and neither sought to dominate the other.
As there was splendour and brightness in Light - even so did comfort and rest dwell in the Shadows. The Valaquenta tells us that this, the perversion of Darkness was indeed counted among Melkor Morgoth's most loathsome deeds

Yet, in spite of the vile discord which Melkor sowed in the harmony of Arda, those who look may still find remnants of the balance and union of old; for are not Dusk and Dawn, the wondrous and brief mingling of Light and Darkness, the faint echo of the Valar's original Creation as seen in the Vision of Ilúvatar...?"

Irmo - Seigneur des Rèves et des Visions
Reference: Silmarillion 

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