by Varda-(Valar)
Oct. 3, 2006

Dwarves > Thorin's Company > Gloin

    Gloin is known as the father of Gimli, who went with him to the Council of Elrond. But before that, Gloin became famous as a member of Thorin's Company.

    Dori, Nori, Ori, and Oin arrived at Bilbo's door at the same time. Due to the Hobbit's unwillingness to admit yet more dwarves, Gloin joined those four to be unintenionally  presented at the same time.
    Figuring by the order of presentation, Gloin wore a white hooded cloak. His belt may have been gold, silver, or a combination.
    Some called for ale (likely Dori and Nori), some for porter (likely Ori and Oin) and one for coffee (likely Gloin), going by order and number. But all called for cakes. This group helped finish off the seed-cakes and started on the buttered scones.

The Hobbit:
    Ch. 1 "An Unexpected Party"