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Glaurung by Lungorthin-(Valar)
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by Lungorthin-(Valar) [named Glaurung-(V) at the time of writing.]
May 20, 2002

    First of the Dragons of Morgoth, Father of Dragons, the Great Worm, the Worm of Morgoth, Glaurung the Urulóki, Glaurung the Golden
    Urulóki literally means “fire-serpent”
“Thus began the fourth of the great battles, Dagor Bragollach, the Battle of Sudden Flame.
In front of the fire came Glaurung the golden, father of dragons, in his full might; and in his train were balrogs, and behind them came the black armies of Orcs…”

    His major role is described in the Silmarillion, especially in the story “Of Túrin Turambar,” where he casts a spell upon Turin and Nienor (Turin's sister). The two fall in love and marry. Túrin gets his revenge in the end, (unfortunately ) as he kills Glaurung with his black sword named Gurthang.

Read “Of Túrin Turambar” for more information. Silmarillion: "Quenta Silmarillion"

Images of Glaurung: 

Image: "Turin and Glaurung" battle. Artist: Catherine Karina Chmiel. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image of the battle between Turin and Glaurung: drawn by Ted Nasmith for the year 2000 calendar, from the Rolozo Tolkien page.
Image : Glaurung, from John Howe's 2001 Tolkien calendar, on Rolozo's page.