Another opinion on where the Entwives went:

by Elrond-(V)
Dec. 29, 2001

Ents > Entwives

    In the Two Towers, as Merry and Pippin are telling Treebeard about the Shire, Treebeard mentions that the entwives would have really liked the Shire. At the start of Fellowship of the Ring , Sam mentions to the other hobbits that one of his kin saw a large walking tree. An elm tree to be exact. And Sam points out that no elm tree grows in the Shire. Also Eonwe said that in the west was Gondor and Eriador and in Eriador is the Shire and the Old Forest is part of the Shire. So the entwives could be happy and the ents could be happy.

References: Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers