Entwives, Where Now Have They Gone?

by Eonwe-(Valar)-ex
January 21, 1999    

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Where now have the Entwives gone? Perhaps we will never know for certain. Yet, with the hints and clues given to us, I believe we may come to an
informed opinion at least.
    The biggest clue that I could find in my searching was in the song made by the elves concerning the search of the Ents for the Entwives. The very last verse
"Together we will take the road that leads into the west and far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest."
    Also when Bregelad spoke to the hobbits about his Rowan trees.'There were rowan trees in my home' said Bregelad, softly and sadly
'Rowan that took root when I was but an enting, many many years ago, in the quiet of the world; the oldest of them were planted by Ents to try and please the Entwives, but they just smiled and said that they knew where whiter blossom and richer fruit were growing.'
    I believe these signs point to one place, Valinor.
    Look for instance at the song. Together we will take the road that leads into the WEST,  To the west of Middle-earth lie Eriador and Gondor, hardly places for Ents and Entwives to dream about. But we know, from the Silmarilion, that there is a land, far away across the waters, across the world, where the Bent World fell away, far away to the WEST, and that land is Valinor.
    This in itself is not conclusive evidence but add to it the section wherein the Entwives declare that they know where 'whiter blossom and richer fruit were growing.' This they are saying to the Ents, keeper of Fangorn forest, one of the greatest forests in the world. Where could they find these whiter blossoms and richer fruit? Where else but the gardens of Irmo himself? Therefore, I believe the entwives went to Valinor. How they got there, I do not know or believe I am even qualified to guess.
    There is a question that I think I can answer however. How is it possible the Ents did not know of Valinor? Well the Ents' life was trees, they did not know much but the tending of them and the lore of them. They had information, but I am sure there are many things they did not know which they did not trouble themselves about. It is said that "many men learned the crafts of the Entwives and honored them greatly." I believe that theEntwives got their information of Valinor from these men. For it was also said that to the men, the Ents were but a legend to them, a "secret in the heart of the forest." Thus, the Ents know not about Valinor. I am sure the Entwives tried to tell the Ents they were leaving, but could not do so, for they left during the time of the Last Alliance, when I am sure travel was very difficult.