by Elrond-(V)
October 1998


In the time that Varda rekindled the Stars over Middle Earth, the childrien of Eru were born by the Mere of Cuivienen the "water of awakening". These beings were called the Quendi, or the Elves, and when they came into the awakening the first thing they perceived was the light of the stars. Elves love starlight and worship Varda, "the Lady of the Heavens", whom  in their elven tongue is know as Elentari. And when the light of the stars entered the eyes of the elves, it was held there so that ever after it shone from those eyes; hence comes the alternate name of Stardome for Master Elrond.

Eru the Iluvatar created this fairest race that ever was made and the wisest. Eru declared that Elves would have and make more beauty than any other creatures and that they  would possess the greatest happiness and deepest sorrow. Elves would be immortal and ageless at the same time so that they would live as long as Middle-Earth  lived. Elves would never know the pain of sickness and pestilence, but their bodies could be destroyed with fire or steel.such as the  breath of Smaug or a cold Goblin blade. Elves could also die of great grief due to their great emotional enlightenment; that is why I think they were such good song writers so thay could deal with their grief and sorrow. 

Elrond would be of the same size as that of men, but Elrond would be stronger in spirit and in limb and he would not grow weak with age, only wiser and more fair; thus comes the saying from the Fellowship of the Ring: " the power of Elrond is in Wisdom not in weapons".  Elrond, though far less in stature and might than the god-like Valar, shared the nature of those powers more than the secondborn race of Men do. It is said that Elrond always walked in a light that is like the glow of the moon on a cold autumn night. Elrond's hair is like spun gold or woven silver, and starlight glimmers all about him on his hair, eyes, silken clothes and jeweled hands. There is always a light on Elrond's face and his voice is beautiful and subtle as the river Anduin. Elrond excels best in speech song, and poetry, but yet I say he could be deadly with an Elven bow  as when he came to the aid of the people of Eregion. Elrond and his race called themselves the Quendi, the "speakers", for they taught the spoken arts to all races on Middle-Earth.

Thank you, Master Elrond, Keeper of Imladris.

References: Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion