Bilbo Baggins

by Laurelin Caline-(TV)
July 29, 2003


    Born in 2890 (The Third Age) into the home of Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins, Bilbo grew up like any other Shire-Hobbit. He never was a very daring fellow, like all Bagginses naturally are: yet he is of a rare and ‘dangerous’ (as most hobbits thought) mix of person for these families were much unlike the other with their completely different lifestyles. Bagginses are known to be ungallant and settled folk who like nothing more than a fluffy pillow, and the sweet scent of rice cakes and tea in the morning. Whereas Tooks are adventurous, full of great stories to share and are very exciting. Bilbo took to his Baggins side and lived the life of a plain, ordinary hobbit under the Hill.
    But all that was about to get old when Gandalf the Grey showed up on his doorstep. Accompanied by 13 stray Dwarves, Gandalf sent Bilbo on the adventure of his life! Through the many stages of this journey, Bilbo slowly began to change: from dull to ripe. Bilbo became more brave, tolerant, accepting, and a leader. When he finally returned home, he was found to be outlandishly dressed and rather ‘queer’ to his fellow Harfoots, but found great praise with his family of Tooks and other kin of Middle-earth. Nonetheless, Bilbo kept to his unordinary life and lived with his second cousin Frodo Baggins (whom was left orphaned after the death of his parents, so Bilbo took him in) under the Hill once again.
    Now and forever on, Bilbo was very interested in others’ culture and ways, and so, started a hobby in writing. He became excited over maps and ever after visited Rivendell regularly, and in his older days he returned to Rivendell (after many other adventures, and after Frodo left on his own adventure) to retire from his busy life feeling “Thin, like butter scraped over too much bread.” There, in Rivendell, he began a novel:
            There and Back Again
                 A Hobbit’s Tale
                By Bilbo Baggins
and being years over his one hundred and eleventh age, he left with Elves of Rivendell to Valinor in the time of the Passing of the Elves. No further information is given on Bilbo’s account.

Reference: The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, LOTR appendix.