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Balin, son of Fundin, brother of Dwalin.
(TA 2763-2994)

Article: "Balin" by Balin-(V) 2001-2002
Article: "Balin of Thorin's Company" by Varda-(Valar)


by Balin-(V) 2001-2002
Feb. 10, 2001

    Balin, son of Fundin, born in 2763, was a valiant dwarf.  At the age of seven he was forced from his home, Erebor, by Smaug the Dragon.  He then followed his friend and companion, Thorin II, through the dreadful war between the Dwarves and Orcs.
    After nearly 170 years, Balin and Thorin began their quest to retake Erebor.  With the remaining dwarves of Erebor and a hobbit, Balin went to reclaim his lost home.  He served as the lookout for their group, and rarely did anything slip by him.  Bilbo, the hobbit, slipped by him once, only due to the fact that he was invisible at the time.
    After retaking Erebor, in 2941, Balin settled into a peaceful life in Erebor, serving Dain, the new King.
    As time progressed though, Balin took heed of whispers of retaking Moria.  Soon he pledged to reclaim Khazad-Dum, the lost dwarven colony.  Taking Floi and Oin and many more dwarves, he arrived, and conquered, Moria in 2989.  But, after only a five year reign, he was shot by an orc's arrow, near Mirrormere in 2994.  Soon after, Balin's Colony was destroyed.
    Balin's tombstone lies deep under Moria, and inscribed on it are the words:


Reference: Lord of the Rings

Balin of Thorin's Company

by Varda-(Valar)
Oct. 2, 2006

    Balin, Bilbo's second guest after his brother Dwalin, seemed to be the older of the two, with his white beard. He wore a red hood, apparently a short way of saying hooded cloak, as the book says he hung his hood by Dwalin's, after it says that Dwalin hung his hooded cloak on a peg. His belt color is not mentioned.
    Balin was observant, noticing his brother's cloak as soon as he came in.
    He was not shy to make his wants know, immediately letting Bilbo know that he preferred beer to the tea that Dwalin was drinking, and requesting a seed-cake before the other cakes could be offered, apparently a superior food as Bilbo had them tucked back for himself.
    Balin seemed to get along well with his brother, chatting with him like an old friend.
    Of the thirteen dwarves, four came to help Bilbo serve the food the moment he wished for it aloud: Balin and Dwalin with Fili and Kili.

Ch. 1 ""An Unexpected Party"

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