The Brief History of Arathorn II, Father of Aragorn II, in chronological order

by Arathorn-(Valar)
September 21, 2003

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2873 Birth of Arathorn II, son of Arador (Chieftain of the Dúnedain). (d. 2933)
2907 Birth of Gilraen, mother of Aragorn II. (d. 3007)
2929 Arathorn II marries Gilraen

    When Arathorn sought to marry Gilraen, her father, Dírhael, was initially opposed to the marriage because Gilraen was young and Arathorn of full age, and Dírhael foresaw that Arathorn would die young. His wife Ivorwen, however, answered: "The more need of haste! The days are darkening before the storm, and great things are to come. If these two wed now, hope may be born for our people; but if they delay, it will not come while this age lasts."
    The foresight of both proved true: Arathorn was slain by an orc-arrow while riding against the orcs with the sons of Elrond, only four years after his marriage to Gilraen, and two years after the birth of their son, Aragorn.

2930 Arathorn II, becomes Fifteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain when father Arador is slain by trolls in the mountains north of Imladris.
2931 Birth of Aragorn II, Sixteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain, later King Elessar of Arnor and Gondor. One of the Nine Companions of the Ring.
2933 Arathorn II dies in battle with Orcs. Gilraen his wife takes their son, Aragorn II, to Imladris. There he is raised by Elrond, but his true identity is hidden from him until he reaches twenty years of age.

Reference: Lord of the Rings