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Image collection: "Aragorn" Artist The Bohemian Weasel aka Soni Alcorn-Hender.
Image collection: "Mellon Chronicles". Artist Cassia-(T). Many include Aragorn in photomanips for stories by Cassia-(T) and Siobhan-(T).
Image collection: Model of Aragorn. Artist DeepGroover-(T).
Aragorn head sculpture by Elatan-(Valar).

Site: ROLOZO Tolkien, hosted on the
Image: "Aragorn" Artist: Marie Anderson.
Image: "Aragorn2". Artist: Peter Xavier Price.
Image: "Aragorn". Artist: Soni Alcorn-Hender.
Image: "Aragorn's first meeting with Arwen". Artist: Margaret Kogan.
Image: "Aragorn and Arwen". Artist: George Zeil. Used on the 1980 Tolkien calendar.
Image: "Aragorn and Arwen". Artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta.
Image "Strider", ready for a sword fight. Artist: Frithjof Spangenberg.

Image: "Aragorn". movie Strider. Artist: Marina Zhukova.
Image: "Aragorn". movie Aragorn as in Rivendell. Artist: Marina Zhukova.
Image: "Searching Fangorn". Artist: Peter Xavier Price.
Image "To the Stone of Erech". Artist: Inger Edelfeldt.
Image: "King". movie. Artist: Marina Zhukova.
Image "The Crowning of Aragorn". Artist: Inger Edelfeldt.
Image: "The Return of the King" Artists: Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.

Image: "Aragorn". movie Strider. Artist: Hope Hoover. fan.