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Anglachel by Varda-(Valar)
Anglachel by Lungorthin-(Valar)


by Varda-(Valar)
early article

    Anglachel means "Iron Flame" in Sindarin.
    The sword was either sentient or, after its reforging, spoke to Trin from the thoughts and feelings put into it by its maker, El the Dark Elf.

Reference: Silmarillion


by Lungorthin-(Valar)
May 21, 2002

    This sword was given to Thingol by Eöl to pay for staying in Nan Elmoth. The sword was then given to Beleg. After the reforging for Trin, it became Gurthang.
    This sword was forged of meteoric iron by El the dark elf. In it was left some of his hatred, and Melian the Maia warned of its malice to Beleg, but the warning went unheeded. This sword had no equal in all of time, except one - its twin, Anguirel, stolen from El by his son, Maeglin.

Reference: Silmarillion  "Of Trin Turambar"