by Arveleg-(V)
July 3, 2007
Man > Gaurwaith > Andróg

    Andróg was a man from Dor-Lómin and valiant member of Túrin’s outlaws. Andróg “had been hunted from Dor-Lómin for the slaying of a woman.”
    It was the arrow of Andróg which killed Khîm the dwarf, son of Mîm. For this, Mîm laid a curse upon him that he should die if he ever used a bow again. Andróg defied the curse of Mîm and was struck by a poisoned Orc arrow. Beleg also defied Mîm and healed Andróg of his wound. When Túrin’s outlaws made their last stand after being betrayed by Mîm, Andróg “fell mortally wounded by an arrow at the head of the outside stair.” In his last strength, the mortally wounded Andróg fought off Mîm and cut Beleg from his bonds with his dying hand.

Reference: Children of Hurin