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Tales of Tom Bombadil

"The Adventures of Tom Bombadil"
Oct. 2005
Annual Bay Area Hobbit Picnic

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    Lindir is from California in the USA. He joined the Valar Guild's online group June 25, 2007 and is also a member of the Tolkien Friendship Society, which meets live in garb monthly. He left the online guild later in 2007, but we can still enjoy this great photo.

June 26, 2007:
    "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil"  Photo of Lindir as Tom telling a tale at the annual Bay Area Hobbit Picnic, with his wife garbed as Goldberry.  Some members of the Tolkien Friendship Society to which he belongs were also present. Photo taken and copyrighted Oct. 2005 at Stern Grove in San Francisco, California. Email Lindir concerning use.